Friday, February 09, 2007

UK - 5 charged in 'Kidnap terror plot'

UK terror trials - At least 5 cases are underway

Five of the nine men arrested over an alleged kidnap plot have now been charged. A further individual remains in custody and is still being questioned. A total of three others arrested on the 31st January have now been released without charge. Parviz Khan, 36, is accused of devising the plot between 1 November last year and his arrest on 31 January. The five men have all been charged with offences under the Terrorism Act 2006 and the Terrorism Act 2000. Amjad Mahmood, 31, Mohammed Irfan, 30, Zahoor Iqbal, 29, Hamid Elasmar, 43, and Mr Khan have been charged with supplying equipment and funding for a terrorist act between 30 March last year and their arrest [BBC]. One man released without charge has spoken out against the police action. Abu Bakr, who works in the Maktabah bookshop, targeted in the raids, told the BBC that the UK was "a police state for Muslims".
Abu Izzadeen, a radical Muslim, who was seen heckling the Home Secretary last year, has been arrested on unrelated terror offences. He is set to appear today in a central London court [BBC].
Also in today’s news is that an Islamic school, at the centre of a terror raid last year, has been closed by authorities [BBC]. The Department for Education and Skills has removed the independent Jameah Islameah school in East Sussex from the Register of Independent Schools. This means it is illegal for the school to operate.

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