Friday, February 09, 2007

Clashes at Jerusalem mosque

Clashes between police and Muslim worshippers have occurred in Jerusalem after disputes over a proposed building of a tunnel and renovation work. Injuries have occurred on both sides. Sky News have broadcast Live pictures from the scene along with a split screen showing earlier pictures and a Live shot outside a London court where Abu Izzadeen, arrested yesterday on terror related charges, was expected. According to Sky News up to 300 protesters had barricaded themselves in the Al Aqsa mosque where Friday prayers had taken place earlier today. At least 17 protesters and 15 police officers have been injured in the clashes which had seen several volleys of teargas being fired at the crowds.
Yossi Mekelberg, an expert on Middle East affairs, speaking from Chatham House, spoke to Sky News and described Jerusalem as a “Cocktail of nationalism and religion in a small area”. He suggested that nationalist issues needed to be addressed [Sky News / BBC].

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