Friday, May 06, 2005


Tony Blair and the Labour Party win an 'historic' third term. The predicted majority is reported by Sky as being around 70. George Galloway takes a seat from Labour for his 'Respect Party' in what is seen as a reaction to Blair's policy on Iraq. The Lib Dems have made some gains as have the Conservatives. Sky News are currently reporting 351 Labour, 190 Con., 57 Lib Dem and 12 others. ITN report 347 Labour, 189 Con., 59 Lib Dem and 13 others. BBC & CNN are not currently showing figures as Tony Blair having made his way back from Sedgefield by plane to Luton Airport, has arrived in London. As he make his way to the stage an almost 'Republican style chant' of "Four More Years" can be heard. It's all smiles on Tony Blairs face with the usual praise and thanks to his leading cabinet members; Prescott, Brown, et al. There'll be much debate and analysis of the facts surround the relatively high turnout and the results of this election. On a local note, the south-east has maintained or shifted to an increased Conservative presence. Brentwood & Ongar is held by Eric Pickles (C), besides a strong campaign by the Martin Bell Legacy Group & Gavin Stollar's Liberal Democrat campaign. Bob Spink (C) retains his Castlepoint constituancy. Hornchurch has switched to the Conservatives from Labour. Harlow is still on a recount. This reporter's now off to bed as the election coverage comes to an end. Goodnight all. 06:30 BST UK / 05:30 GMT/UTC/ZULU 06/05/2005

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