Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Jackson Trial - Defence ends

The Jackson case has ended after Chris Tucker, a comedian and close friend, was the last to take the stand. Yesterday Jay Leno appeared, but failed to give testimony the defence expected. It was stated in the defence’s opening statements that Jay Leno was asked for money from the Arviso family. Leno however said this was not the case and he only gave the family merchandise from his show. So as for the summary, in brief the defence have attacked Janet Arviso, the boy accusser’s mother. But has the defence done enough to get Jackson off? According to Steve Corbett of the Santa Maria Times speaking to Sky News, “They may well have done just that”. “Mostly they have attacked the mother, they have trashed the mother” he says. The reputation of the mother has been attacked primarily in order to keep away from the “sordid descriptions provided by the prosecution witnesses about the sexual molestation that Michael Jackson has [allegedly] committed.” The defence do not want to revisit the evidence from Gavin Arviso and the other ‘victims’ from 10 years ago, “they’d much rather attack the mother and make her into the evil demon” he adds. The testimony from the boys is “very crucial” says Corbett. Guilty or not guilty? “We will have to let the American justice system run its course,“ says Steve Corbett, “if you want it from me, I believe Michael Jackson committed this crime of child molestation, there you have it.” The Sky reporter responds, “Steve, I’m not sure we should have asked you that question, thankyou very much there, live from Santa Maria.” The camera leaves Steve Corbett with a wry smile on his face.
Opinions vary but it is expected the jury will be deliberating the case by next Wednesday.
[18:19 GMT 25/05/2005]

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