Thursday, May 12, 2005

Jackson - Macaulay Culkin testifies

Macaulay Culkin has denied claims that Michael Jackson molested him. The former child star, now 24, said the allegations were “absolutely ridiculous”, when he finally made the much talked about appearance at ‘the trial of the century’. The British media were suddenly ‘interested’ again. BBC 24 Live at 08:29 [LA time] had a reporter commented that, “Macaulay Culkin has been seen in the Santa Barbara area” and a “large black car” had been seen “heading toward the court.” Jackson had, as he always does these days, ever since the ‘pyjamas episode’, turned up on time. Eight seventeen on the dot. Even his dress has toned down these days. Today a black arm band. And no sign of the British regimental medals much criticized in the UK tabloids. Later on Wednesday, jurors watched footage filmed by a member of Jackson's staff at the same time as a documentary being made on the star by British journalist Martin Bashir. Defence lawyers say the tape represents an unedited version of the documentary “Living With Michael Jackson”, in which the singer admitted sharing a bed with a child. On the tape Jackson talks about his charity work, noting that Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn and Danny Kaye have died, leaving no one to speak for the "voiceless." Jackson also says he would often hug or play with his deer and chimpanzee, Bubbles, to relax after a hard day's work. Asked why he loves children, Jackson says that in the Bible the apostles ask Jesus which of them he favors and Jesus points to a child and says the child is the most humble and innocent. "Why is it weird to want to be humble and innocent," Jackson says. "Not childish, but childlike? I see God in that." – The evidence the defence are presenting has not however, as yet, created the sensational headlines the prosecution brought us. The stars of stage and screen but is there any real substance to the ‘evidence’ the Merereau camp are showing to the jury? As they say – The trial continues…

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