Thursday, May 12, 2005

'Dimwits' cause panic in Washington D.C

Security scare in Washington makes US look like frightened hares. As a light Cessna flew too close to the Capitol building, everybody panicked. In six minutes journalists, senate members and tourists were unceremoniously evacuated. The pilots of the plane; one Jim Schaeffer & Troy Martin from Smokestown. The novice airman from the Vintage Air Club were making their way to an air show. One expert said on CNN’s Newsnight that “they didn’t plot their course properly”. You ain’t kiddin’! Federal Authorities however said, “No charges are being sought at this time.” But “what of the cost of defending the skies” says Aaron Brown.
How could it be that a Cessna 150 could create so much chaos. Once clear of the airfield, communications are optional. So it is easy for a small plane to stray into a restricted area if, say, one is lost; since there is no constant instruction from radio communications unlike large carriers. "Crazy days," says Aaron Brown.

RED, RED, GREEN; a lazer beam pulsates to warn pilots flying near central Washington to ‘retreat’. It can be ‘aimed at rogue aircraft’ and ‘protect the skies’ reports Jeanne Meserve. But what if a commercial aircraft is hijacked? How will the military react. The broadcast to the F-16s may be sent, ‘7500’ the code for ‘hijack’ which may lead to “think the unthinkable”. The shooting down of a civilian plane. Did the pilot of the plane sent to intercept this Cessna get that order? According to CNN, no. And he was persuaded to land through communications via the standard 121.5 mayday frequency. 2 F-16s and 1 Black Hawk were scrambled in the alert which occurred at Noon [16:30 GMT] on Wednesday. This sums it up, The Daily News [NYC]: “AIR HEADS: Two dimwits fly plane near White House causing panic in D,C”

In other US news: A Black Hawk helicopter crashed in New Mexico, resulting in 1 death. It was on route to a Vietnam memorial. And another memorial took place today at St Paul’s Cathedral in London. In this event hundreds took part in remembering those who died in the tsunami disaster of Boxing Day [26th December] 2004. And two people have died in riots in Afghanistan. They were triggered after a Newsweek article, conveyed by Afghani radio, which described the desecration of the Koran [Qu’ran] at Guantanamo Bay. [03:05 GMT / 04:05 BST / 20:05 PDT]

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