Monday, July 21, 2008

Kunming hit by 'terror' attack

Kunming city was the target of a terrorist attack on Monday. Reports say three bombs exploded during the morning rush hour, though CCTV-9 reported only two explosions which it described as "deliberate". Two buses and according to some reports a car were hit in the attack leaving at least 2 dead and up to 16 injured. Ten hours after the attack, forensic officers could be seen examining the scene of one of the explosions at Renmin Xi Lu.

A dozen officers sifted through the debris as others stood guard by a cordon strung up across the road. Passers-by seemed unperturbed by the incident and continued about their daily business. Even the buses continued running around the city despite the attack which comes only a few days before the Olympics. Residents did express surprise and shock however with one woman saying, "you expect this sort of thing in Tibet but not here in Kunming". Authorities have not indicated who carried out the attacks but there is a widespread feeling amongst residents of the town that the attacks were perpetrated by someone with a grievance rather than Islamic terrorists.
[tvnewswatch, Kunming, Yunnan province, China]

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