Tuesday, July 01, 2008

China - stabbings & riots leave 5 dead

Amateur footage leaked out of the rioting in Guizhou province

A man has stabbed five police officers to death in a frenzied knife attack in the heart of Shanghai. Four other officers and a security guard were injured in the attack before the man was arrested. The 28 year old is said to have been a suspect in a series if bicycle thefts last year [BBC]. The attack comes in the same week that thousands rioted in southern China following the death of a 15 year old middle school student Li Shu Fan. Police have said the girl killed herself, and they released several suspects. But family members and many members of the public believe there has been a cover up. The riot started late Saturday afternoon and lasted until early Sunday morning in Weng'an County of Guizhou Province, Xinhua news reported [CNN].

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