Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Israel - 4 dead after tractor attack

A tractor driver from the occupied part of east Jerusalem has launched an attacked on Jaffa Street killing at least 4 people. The man drove the tractor into a bus packed with commuters and then proceeded to drive over a number of vehicles. More than 36 were injured in the attack. The bus was pushed onto its side in the incident which is being treated as a terrorist attack by Israeli police. One woman was killed when the Toyota car she was driving was completely crushed by the tractor. The driver was shot dead by an off duty soldier.
According to Fox News he held an Israeli identity card despite being of Arab descent and had been an employee of a building site. The death toll is not clear with most TV broadcasters saying 3 were killed while Israeli TV reports have said 4 died in the attack. The incident was brought to TV screens very quickly as it occurred directly outside a building housing most of the international media [BBC / Sky News / CNN / al Jazeera / Fox News ]

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