Monday, November 12, 2007

Massive fire envelops East London

Smoke seen from 20 km away - Canary Wharf is seen to the left.

Breaking News: A massive fire has hit an area of Stratford in East London. Huge plumes of smoke can be seen for many miles.
Pictures from Sky’s news helicopter show the fire to be located at an industrial site in the 2012 Olympic development site. Reports suggest the fire is at an old bus depot in Waterden Road. There are at least 15 fire appliances at the scene with 75 firefighters tackling the blaze. Authorities are not connecting the incident to any form of terrorist activity. The fire is disrupting local transport and causing traffic problems in the area. According to fire services the fire is located at a disused warehouse some 80 metres by 60 metres in area. The news broke at around 12:15 GMT with CNN, Sky News and Sky swiftly bringing Live pictures to viewers. There are no reports of injuries according to the London Ambulance Service. [BBC / CNN / Sky News]

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