Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Brown proposes new anti-terror plans

Prime Minister Gordon Brown today announced new security measures in order to tackle the ongoing terrorist threat.

Following the Glasgow airport attack in June 2007 the Prime Minister said he would role out a plan to put in place “Robust physical barriers” in front of vulnerable buildings such as shopping centres. He added he intended to make buildings blast proof as well as implementing vehicle exclusion zones in some areas.

Airport style security measures such as baggage screening may be put in place at railway stations and sea ports. But alongside his proposals increasing security measures the government announced that hand luggage restriction may be relaxed in January 2008.

Controversially, the government has announced its intention to seek greater powers of detention for terror suspects. The time a suspect may be held without charge is currently 28 days, but the police and Home Office are asking for up to 56 days detention [BBC].
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