Thursday, November 29, 2007

7.3 Earthquake hits Caribbean

A magnitude 7.3 earthquake has struck off the coast of Martinique. The USGS reported the large tremor as occurring at 14.921N, 61.264W. Although the quake struck at 19:00 GMT [15:00 local time] it has only been reported on CNN and via e-mail alerts in the last 30 minutes. There will be concerns of possible tsunamis and further after shocks. The epicentre of the earthquake was less than 8 km from the coast of Martinique and a little over 20 km from populated areas of Saint-Pierre and Le Lorrain. The capital, Fort-de-France is some 40 km from the epicentre with a population of 95,000, a quarter of the island’s inhabitants. Early reports suggest some dame to buildings in Fort de France, but as yet there are no reports of casualties [BBC]

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