Thursday, August 02, 2007

IPPC report blasts Asst Commissioner over Menezes death

The IPCC, the Independent Police Complaints Commission, has ruled that Asst Commissioner Andrew Hayman deliberately misled the press and even his own Commissioner Ian Blair over the facts behind the mistaken shooting of Charles de Menezes in 2005. The Brazilian was shot after police mistakenly identified him as a terrorist and would be suicide bomber. The events came the day after a series of attempted suicide attacks on London’s transport network and a week after several suicide attacks left 52 dead. The £300,000 IPCC investigation said Sir Ian Blair was “almost totally unaware” of events and did not “wilfully mislead the public”. The IPCC saying he was “not well-served by his staff”. AC Andy Hayman is accused of inconsistency in providing different information to the press and to his Commissioner Sir Ian Blair
The IPCC also concluded that Mr de Menzes did not disobey police instructions. [BBC / Sky News]
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