Monday, August 20, 2007

Copycat 'terror attack' aimed to kill UK police

A BBC viewer filmed the aftermath of the explosion

Police have said that a driver of a vehicle which exploded after a chase had attempted to lure officers to their death. The white van had been followed by police on a low speed car chase in the Toxteth area of Liverpool in England earlier this month. But when the vehicle came to a halt and police approached, the van exploded killing the driver and injuring a number of officers. At the time Inspector George Dawson said the incident was “not linked to terrorism” [BBC / Liverpool Daily Post]. However, following the release of details calls this into question. Several gas canisters were found in the vehicle, a white Transit van, bearing similarities to an attack at Glasgow airport in July. It is likely the attempted murder of officers was the result of a grudge bourn by Terry Langrell, the driver identified in the blast, but mystery continues to surround the attack [BBC]. It is not known if Mr Langrell was wanted by police or if he had a police record.

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