Monday, August 20, 2007

Hurricane Dean heads for Mexico

Around 4,000 British tourists remain stranded in parts of the Caribbean after flights were suspended following the arrival of Hurricane Dean. In Mexico there are alt least 10,000 British tourists “scrambling to get out”, according to Sky News. A curfew has been imposed in the Cayman Islands as the storm, now a category 4, heads towards Mexico. All but essential staff have been evacuated from oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico and the space shuttle Endeavour is expected to make an earlier return to Earth on Tuesday due to the impending storm. There is still the fear the hurricane may even develop into a category 5, the highest level, by the time it reaches the Mexican and southern Texas coast. The storm swept across Haiti and the Dominican Republic on Saturday and the south of Jamaica on Sunday. Gusts in Kingston, Jamaica were measured as high as 330 kph. There has been massive destruction in the wake of hurricane Dean and at least 3 people are reported killed. It is expected to hit Mexico on Thursday [CNN / BBC].

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