Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Turkey - Another bomb blast injures 1

Kurdistan - A battleground in four countries
Turkey has been hit by further terror attacks. An explosion in a litter bin has injured at least one person in the northern town of Mersin, Sky News has reported. The blast comes two days after a series of 5 explosions hit Istanbul and southern tourist destinations of Marmaris and Antalya. Three were killed in the Antalya blast on Monday, and at least 20 were injured. Twenty one were injured in the Marmaris blasts, and six others were injured in Istanbul’s Bagcilar district.
The bombings are the latest in a series of attacks by the TAK [Teyrebazen Azadiya Kurdistan] believed linked to the Kurdish separatist group the PKK or the Partiya KarkerĂȘn Kurdistan [List of recent attacks]. Ten people have died and more than 120 injured in the last year in the terrorist attacks by the group which seeks to create an independent Kurdish state consisting of south-easternTurkey, north-eastern Iraq, north-eastern Syria and north-western Iran. Posted by Picasa

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