Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Luggage thefts rise after air terror threat

Passengers were forced to repack their hand luggage
but thefts have been reported

Cancellations of flights at Heathrow continue nearly one week after Britain’s terror alert level was raised to critical. Ryanair has criticized the government for a lack of clear instructions and a failing security plan. Thousands have been delayed and others have lost luggage. Thefts from baggage have risen by up to 200% at Gatwick according to one report on LBC on Tuesday. One passenger speaking to Channel Four News said he had lost £1000 of property after taking a flight last week. The BBC reported that there had been 52 thefts at Gatwick in the last week. There were 16 in the same period last year. One Gatwick passenger, Paula Ryan, said she had items stolen from her luggage after flying into the airport's north terminal from Zante, in Greece, on Sunday. She put her handbag with her main bag in the hold of the aircraft but when she arrived, the combination lock was gone and the contents of her handbag had spilled into her main bag. "My mobile phone, sunglasses and other items had been stolen," she told the BBC. "Bags and suitcases were coming onto the carousel slashed, cut, damaged and open with clothes spilling out." At Stansted Airport in Essex there were 12 thefts reported since last Thursday according to Essex Police. Speaking on a London radio station another passenger spoke of her distress as she and her family had to return to their home, without their car, luggage and keys. “We had to break into our own home because we didn’t have our keys” she said. The family were still unaware where their property was, and if they’d ever see it again. Posted by Picasa

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