Tuesday, July 04, 2006

North Korea tests Taepodong-2 - US officials report

Described by one US government source as a “provocative act designed to get attention”, North Korea has tested three Taepodong-2 long-range missiles. CNN broke the news in the last hour and saturation coverage continues. BBC 24 and Sky continue with sports coverage of the World Cup football match of Italy’s win against Germany. The missiles were said to have landed near to the Japanese island of Hokkaido . The reaction by the American administration is likely to be hostile. The UN will also be discussing the issue in New York tomorrow. Russia, China and Japan, as well as the US are also expected to hold talks on the issue soon. The US military confirmed that the first missile launched at 14:34 ET [18:34 GMT] followed shortly thereafter by a second. A third missile was fired over an hour later at 16:03 ET [20:03 GMT]. All of the missiles appeared to fail less than a minute into each missile launch. And in the latest reports a NORAD official talking to CNN’s Kyra Phillips confirmed a fourth missile, believed to be a short range missile has been launched in the last fifteen minutes [approximately 18:15 ET, 22:15 GMT]. Posted by Picasa

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