Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hezbollah draws Lebanon into Israeli conflict

A growing conflict builds between paramilitary groups aligned to the Palestinian cause and the Jewish state of Israel. On Wednesday Hezbollah rebels captured two Israeli soldiers near the Lebanon border during skirmishes. Several Israeli soldiers were killed as Israel mounted incursions into Lebanon. Israel has called the Hezbollah actions an “Act of War” and there looks to be no end in sight in this tit for tat military action. UN Secretary Kofi Annan condemned the Israel attack on southern Lebanon and requested them to withdraw, calling on them to show restraint. He also made a request that Hezbollah return the captured soldiers saying that it did nothing to diffuse the tense situation between all side [BBC]. Israeli planes targeted a bridge in southern Lebanon later in the day killing two civilians according to some reports [CNNPosted by Picasa

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