Tuesday, July 11, 2006

India - Trains hit by rush hour bombs

India’s evening rush-hour has been struck by a series of terrorist bombs. At least 6 blasts have hit commuter trains at Mira Road, Borivili, Jogeshwari, Khar, Matunga, and Bhayander in Mumbai, western India. Airports have been placed on high alert and western rail systems have been shutdown. The first blast occurred at around 18:20 local time swiftly followed by a series of synchronous blasts at the other five locations. At least 15 were reported dead at Matunga and the death toll is likely to rise well into three figures.
CNN have been showing pictures and reports from it’s sister station CNN-IBN whilst Sky News in the UK, first to break the news, were showing censored pictures from Star News. BBC 24 finally broke the news and also showed pictures from Star News television. There are further reports of a 7th explosion near Santacruz. BBC broke away from coverage after a few minutes leaving only CNN and Sky to continue bring viewers repeated images of the unfurling disaster. It is the latest in a string of terror attacks that have hit the continent in the last few months. Posted by Picasa

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