Friday, September 16, 2005

Pumps run dry in UK fuel protests

Britain has seen a turbulent week as panic buying of fuel and protests became widespread. Just the threat of protests caused panic at the pumps with queues in many areas and within the day fuel stops were running dry. The panic to fill up was, however, unwarranted as the proposed protests by hauliers was not intended to block the flow of fuel to the pumps, but merely to highlight the rising price of fuel. The irony is that as the effects of hurricane Katrina and other factors subside, the price at the pump is dropping with many Supermarkets reducing prices to pre-Katrina prices. However the British motorist is the hardest hit in the west, paying substantially more than many of their European counterparts and significantly more than US motorists. The price per litre in Ireland is as low as £0.72, and only Holland was higher than the UK with prices at nearly £1 per litre. The US pay as little as £0.40 per litre.
[20:51 GMT 16/09/2005]

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