Friday, September 16, 2005

Bush meets Putin for talks

President Bush has held private talks with Russia's President Vladimir Putin today in part to discuss the Iranian and North Korean nuclear issue. The talks come as China is currently hosting further talks with North Korea in Beijing this week. But as Bush highlighted issues of world security, the issue soon shifted to the aid for victims of Katrina. "We will do whatever it takes," the President iterated. On the issue of Iran, George W Bush said he had talked to President Putin and said that they both agreed as to what pressure needed to be applied in order to rid the world of the nuclear threat. "We support the issue of non-proliferation," Putin said. "As to how we can control this situation?we're in contact with other parties" he added. But both Presidents were unclear on what pressure would be applied to Iran, though a suggestion of bringing the issue to the UN Security Council was suggested if diplomacy did not work.
[20:56 GMT 16/09/2005]

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