Sunday, September 11, 2005

America remembers 9/11

As America remembers the 9/11 terrorist attacks 4 years ago today, many in Londoners try to forget their being a target of terrorism. The tubes are all running and the tense atmosphere has all but gone. Only a few police officers can be seen guarding stations now, a significant change from the scenes a few weeks ago.
But America still reels in pain. And news coverage is still significant. Sky News, BBC News 24 and ITN all covered the beginning of the proceedings. CNN too brought significant coverage. But beyond the memory of 9/11 there have been many significant events since. Two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been fought by the US and its allies. The conflicts remain unresolved and violence continues in both regions. Terrorism too has increased significantly in the same period with attacks in Indonesia, Turkey, Spain, Britain and elswhere. And everyday another soldier dies in Iraq. Today a British soldier died in an IED attack bringing the toll to 95 British dead. He was killed near Basra which has seen increased attacks against British troops. Last Monday a bomb attack killed two British soldiers. And operations against the insurgents appear to do little to quell the continuing attacks.
The image of America as a strong and powerful country has been damaged not only by its inability to control Afghanistan or Iraq, but also its failure to organise rescue and relief operations after hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana. Al Jazeera's coverage of the disaster zone in New Orleans has shocked many in the Middle-East. The feelings of despair are increasing in Iraq as the US are seen as being unable to bring order to their own country after Katrina hit.
Fox News continues to wave the banner for America, providing unbroken coverage of the 9/11 remembrance and the reading of 2,749 names of those who died in the attacks. CNNi, BBC News 24 and ITN have returned to normal programming, Sky News providing coverage by its interactive service. Al Jazeera covered story briefly and made comparisons between 9/11 and the disaster in Katrina.
[13:50 GMT 11/09/2005]

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