Wednesday, April 22, 2009

TV News gears up for historic budget

With a little under half an hour to go until Alistair Darling delivers his budget, TV news channels and news organisations have pulled out all the technological stops to deliver a barrage of information. Sky are deploying political bloggers to issue reports as Darling delivers his speech. The channel is also making use of Twitter as it puts out constant updates. Skype, the internet telephony service, text and email is being used to get views from the public around the UK, to provide what it hopes to be a rich flow of information. The BBC have followed a more traditional path with political commentators providing comment in the studio as well as bringing live broadcasts from the City and around the country. Meanwhile Sky News are not only rooted outside parliament but also flying above bringing aerial pictures from the Skycopter. Even No 10 is a Twitter with its feed and providing online coverage. It may all prove to be information overload for some. But most will nonetheless be listening carefully to see what the Chancellor says.

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