Monday, April 13, 2009

At least two dead in Thai riots

After days of protests by so called red shirts in Bangkok, the army has moved in to shift them from the streets.
At least two people have been killed in the violence but the circumstances surrounding their deaths is as yet unclear. One report suggested that the two died after clashes between angy villagers and the red shirted protesters. reports that at least two people were killed and nine injured during a clash between the red shirted anti-government supporters and vendors at a market in the capital Monday. Bangkok Medical Department chief Phetpong Kamchornkijkarn told reporters that the dead were identified as Pom Pholphanbua, 50, and Yupha Wisetphanit, 19. The incident happened when protestors linked to ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra clashed with the vendors who were unhappy with their protest that had paralysed the capital since Wednesday. Following the incident, hundreds of residents at the Ratchathewi intersection came out to the street with sticks, knives and poles to confront the anti-government supporters who had battled soldiers on the streets of Bangkok throughout the day which resulted in 77 people, including 23 soldiers, to be injured.
Earlier today troops opened fire on anti-government protesters. Most shots were discharged into the air but many rounds have been fired directly into the crowds after buses were used to drive towards army lines. Some buses were set alight with demonstrators creating barricades in many parts of the city. In response to the gunfire, demonstrators have hurled rocks and petrol bombs. But there have been no reported injuries amongst the security forces. More than 100 protestors have been injured according to reports [Sky News / CNN].

The Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said that order had been restored and he would not tolerate anything other than peaceful protests. “They must not riot and intimidate people,” he told the BBC.

Meanwhile the deposed former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra said he was hoping to return to Thailand. “I’m watching closely to find the right time to return,” he told the BBC. But while he said he supported the protesters he said he condemned the violence.

Several governments have warned travellers to avoid travelling to the country. Tourists have conveyed their stories via Twitter, blogs and emails to organisations. Some have described the situation as surreal while others have spoken of how their travels had been disrupted. Natalie Groves, from Surrey in the UK, told the BBC that her travels near to Bangkok had been severely disrupted. Roads blocked with burning buses had forced her party to take many diversions. Britons have been warned by the UK government to reconsider their plans. “We advise against all but essential travel to Bangkok. British nationals should also review travel plans to other parts of Thailand. British nationals already in Bangkok and other cities affected by the violence are advised to stay indoors and to monitor the media and this travel advice,” the Foreign & Commonwealth Office said on its website.

Earlier in the week many demonstrators had stormed buildings where a summit to discuss the global economic crisis was to be held. The occupation forced the cancellation of the event and created embarrassment for the Thai government who had to turn back delegates [BBC].


Anonymous said...

Wrong information! Two annoyed and angried villagers by destructive rioters' action were shot dead by the red-shirt rioters.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the news. two were killed by red shirts.

Newsjunky said...

No swearing please. The information has been corrected to say that the circumstances surrounding the deaths cannot be verified.

Prinya said...

I am a Thai born citizen living in Bangkok, Thailand. I have traveled the world and lived many places in my life. In fact, 3 continents over 20 years of my childhood. Currently, I am a business consultant for many organizations in Thailand and I have been teaching MBA at a local university for the past 6 years. No country is as peaceful, loving and caring as my country.

Today's(13 April 09) events occurred because of the corrupted ex-prime minister (Thaksin Shinawatra) - today, a convict of 2 years imprisonment for his own corruption who could not accept the fact that he would go to jail for this bad deeds and fled the country to international hideaway. He tried to raise the poor's mind (via psychology & money) to protest for his own personal agenda to be given pardon for his crimes. It is very upsetting and he cares truly about NO ONE IN THAILAND except for himself.

Our current Prime Minister, Abhisit Vejjajiva and his cabinet (the few good men left) is trying so hard not to use force via patience and very KIND MEASURES for 'RED SHIRT' people who just 'burn and destroy everything that is public and privately owned by others'. What the REDS (People of Thaksin) did during the past week is not acceptable by any society. What our current prime minister did on 13 April 09 was just using the Army (traditionally Thai way of controlling) to fend them off by shields and shooting to the sky. (after just blocking and providing to their demands were not enough). NO ONE DIED DUE TO THIS AT ALL (on 13 April 09). AND ALL MEMBERS OF THE PRESS WERE THERE TO WITNESS. Which is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO DO. He did a great job and hope all of the world's community understands.

We have a special way of managing the country in Thailand. Where we have democracy which (almost) everyone loves the King and he also provides everything he can to develop the country. Now he is very old and has no more strength. And this evil man (Thaksin) who wants everything to be his and his family's just will not let go and want to come back and rape the country over and over again. His propaganda is lame and shameful and we hope he will be brought to justice soon.

I beg that the international press would stop interviewing prisoner Thaksin Shinawatra and help the Thai people in a way to give out the right news and information to the whole world.

We hope everything will be back in order soon and hope you would come and visit 'The Land of Smiles' to see how nice and loving our country is again soon.

(I am sure many understand this already, but please pass along if you can)

Anonymous said...

The residents living near the area where the protesters threw fire bombs and set fire to buses were angry and battled with protesters. Two civilians were shot and killed by protesters. Thaksin who supported and hired these protesters should be responsible from this brutal action. News given by Thaksin has been distorted.

Land said...

It's not Thaksin's supporters' fault to be financially poor, but it's their false not to know or care about how badly Thaksin corrupted the country. They got no enough education to have an appropriate judgement. They worship only ones who throw some money to them.

Democracy is the best. Its shortcoming arises only when applied to low-quality people.

milan said...

the convict thaksin openly congratulated the red shirts' good job on his video link after the red shirt mob successfully blocking the roads so that some delegates could not attend the meeting, breaking into the Asean Summit venue, Pattaya, causing havoc, intimidating delegates, and causing the summit to be cancelled for fear of the delegates' safety. The red shirt mob and their boss celebrated what they called 'victory'. A victory for them when it cause the nation a undescribable loss. What a shame to call yourselves Thais when you rejoiced over your country's loss. PM Abhisit did not even use any violence even when he's almost been killed by the red shirt mob who broke into the Interior Ministry compound, vandalised his car, and beating his security officials. You red shirt mob, if you were in the US, you would probably be history by now. Two people who lost their lives were those who were shot by the red mob during the clash between the residents and this red shirt mob in Nang Lerng market. There they destroyed the shops, carts, and shot the mosque's windows. i hope the convict thaksin cannot sleep well at nights and be restless for the rest of his life. he can be rich, very rich with all his money and assets, but he cannot buy a good night sleep and a peaceful mind. you reap what you sow, thaksin. if you are a buddhist as you have claimed, you sure know the law of karma.

Anonymous said...

I am surgean in bangkok,
Please know that the truth is Most of Thai people hate Thaksin, he borned evil. Never see anyone who sell his country , no love to anyone , rich from corrupt his own country. He cheated and betrayed most of his business partner. Red shirt protester are taxi driver, workers who listen to him, Thais don't want Thaksin back, England won't let him in. He also will be dangerous in USA. too.

Thai young blood said...

I am Thai, I am young, I love my country, I love my King, I love my people. We know who is planning to destroy my country.

Thaksin has corrupted Thai people for long long time. He cheated Thai people. He tried to sell my country but need money go to his pocket. We all have evidence but he still deny.

Before he push Red Shirt to go out, his family already escape from Thailand and now enjoy life in foreign country while we all have to face the bad situation here. Red shirt is a tool of him. Some of red shirts came to Bangkok by hiring. Most of them are worker, and they rarely know the truth. The gas truck which Red Shirt brought to threat people is belong to Thaksin's brother company.

My english is poor, but I need to reveal to the world that I support Apisith (the current prime minister) because he perform so democratic and we all love Thailand.

As a Thai said...

I agree with Khun Prinya - would like the international press to give out the right information.

Think about who get the most benefit from this crisis - there are so many ways that we can think of:
1. If PM Aphisit resign then the prisoner taksin will get his people to replace it
2.If PM calls for election then buying votes will be used and the same thing will happen to Thailand (corrupted politicians from prisoner taksin will be goverment)to change the constitution to free him from prison
3. waiting for his military team who got his money to coup and get the power so, the constitution will be wiped out then prisoner taksin will be a free man and get his freezing money back and other assets
4. waiting for the riots cannot be controlled then normally Thai people will ask for the King to help then negotiation will happen and prisoner Taksin will ask for pardon and request for unfreezing his assets in return to stop this riot.

Now you will know who get the most benefit therefore we have to wait, be patience and see the development of this crisis - try to avoid any situation that will fall to one of his benefit.

If prisoner taksin will be back then I think he will get rid of all people who are against him this time....THAT IS REAL CRISIS for THAILAND.

We try so hard to get away from his power (money) and can get him justice. Otherwise Thailand will be the same as Indonesia (under Suhato for more than 30 years)

As a Thai, we have to help each other to get away from this crisis - Only PM Apisit - he cannot do everything. I support him ( I dont like all of his team but I try so hard to think in the positive way, it is so hard to change people's thought in one day but if the law has been enforced in the right way then everyone will be under the same law no exception) - he has been using the democracy in the right way - people may think he is slow but I think he has been giving people (his team and other parties) the second chance to do the right thing for country. Since he is PM, hardly see him move anyone from the job (giving them second chance to do the right thing). The way he thinks is trying to get the real democracy to Thailand. It will be the long way as we are the baby for this. the original of democracy is Britain - they have been fighting for that for so many hundred years - we just started 75 years.

Hopefully we will get away from this crisis in the right way.

Love our King and Thailand.

Anonymous said...

Thailand has a very special democracy system. We have been great for a very long time by having a King and Democracy. Actually, A King has been with us long before our democracy. However, this does not mean that we do not have a real democracy system. Whatever the evil Thaksin has claimed about "unreal democracy" is a sickly unacceptable excuse.

I am from the Kingdom of Thailand