Sunday, December 07, 2008

tvnewswatch & WNR launch Chinese site

tvnewswatch today launched a Chinese language site in collaboration with another English blogger, World News-Review. The Chinese site will highlight news and information on the two English blogs, which is not available but maybe of interest to readers in China.

The joint initiative, entitled Global News Watch, is a further manifestation of news having no national boundaries. It aims not only to increase cross-language information exchange, but also to bridge communication between Chinese and English-speaking journalists, bloggers, Internet users, and language learners.

There will be a link added to the bottom of any news which is chosen from the two blogs to be translated into Chinese. Meanwhile, readers of the Chinese news will also be directed by a link to the original English version of the story.

Global News Watch is inviting like-minded bloggers, newspeople, readers and linguists to join the scheme. Please get in touch if you can assist in translation, proof-reading, editing and e-marketing.
World News Review blogs what's happening today with further analysis and research, and draws distinctive conclusions to inspire debate and discussion. It reports China to Western readers with information not available in Western media. It also looks into China's situation with an international perspective to present the bigger picture.

tvnewswatch will continue to provide a cutting-edge news analysis of news media, keeping an eye on broadcast and print journalism, to provide its own unique insight into bias and different reporting styles.

Objectivity and timeliness are the two key criteria of good journalism shared by both tvnewswatch and WNR, and this has inspired the creation of the joint Chinese site.

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