Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bomb threat at Paris store

An explosive device has been discovered in a Paris department store. Reports initially stated that 5 devices were found and that explosives experts had defused them. However within the hour Sky News were reporting that the “sticks of dynamite” had no detonators attached. The incident was further downplayed when CNN reported shortly before 12:00 GMT [13:00 CET] that only one device without detonator had been found.
A little known group calling itself the Afghan Revolutionary Front said they were responsible for planting the device at the Printemps Haussmann. Two days ago another warning was phoned through to police but no action was taken, according to CNN’s Jim Bittermann. The group are reported to have called for French troops to pull out of Afghanistan.
France has 1,900 troops deployed in the country and earlier this year President Sarkozy announced he was to increase numbers by up to 1,000. France has lost 23 troops during the 7 year war. Although the device was not viable, it is a clear signal from terror groups to countries involved in the Afghan campaign. The fear is, the next device may come without a warning, maiming and killing in its wake [BBC].

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