Thursday, January 03, 2008

Turkey - PKK targets military bus

An explosion has occurred in the city of Diyarbakird'ar in south-east Turkey [BBC / CNN]. A military coach may have been the target of the bomb which has injured at least 20 people. Begum Donmez, reporter with CNN Turk, said the blast hit a residential area which houses many military personnel. Sky News broke the story at 15:00 GMT, however CNN brought the first pictures to viewers at 15:25 GMT. The BBC finally showed some pictures at 15:56 GMT. Sky News have reported that at least 3 people died in the explosion. The bombing comes in the wake of a series of incursions by the Turkish military into northern Iraq in an attempt to dispatch PKK rebels [CNN]. The bombing itself hit an area occupied by many Kurds and authorities have been swift to accuse Kurdish militants for the blast.

UPDATE [at 16:28]: Sky News has reported at least 4 dead in the explosion with a further 52 injured.

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