Sunday, January 06, 2008

Czech nuclear hoaxers face jail

Members of a Czech art group who hacked into television broadcasting with images of a hoax nuclear explosion have been charged and may face up to three years in jail, Dusan Ondracek, a state prosecutor in the northern town of Trutnov, has said. The six hackers are accused of tampering with equipment during a live panoramic shot of mountains last June. The six members of the Prague-based Ztohoven art group hacked into a live weather broadcast with pictures of a nuclear exposion. A flash of bright light could be seen followed by a fiery mushroom cloud on the horizon. In order to hack into the broadcast, the group is said to have climbed up a television tower near the Krkonose ("Giant Mountains") in the northern Czech Republic and connected a computer to the camera and broadcast cable [CNN / BBC / You Tube].

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