Wednesday, September 19, 2007

US - OJ granted bail of $125,000

O.J Simpson has appeared in court following his arrest last week for an alleged robbery. The incident occurred in a Las Vegas hotel and is said to have involved firearms. Mr Simpson and at least one accomplice entered a hotel room to demand the return of memorabilia which the former American football star says belonged to him. O.J Simpson faced 11 charges including robbery and kidnapping as he appeared in court today [BBC / CNN]. CNN international did not cover initial proceedings due to the Breaking News of the bomb blast in the Lebanon. Sky News covered the event extensively. One reporter described it as being like the film Groundhog Day, in which events continually repeat themselves. The timing of the incident occurred on the same day as the release of a book ‘If I Did It’. The book, in which Mr Simpson describes how he would have killed his ex-wife and her friend, was published in the US on Thursday by Beaufort Books. In July, the rights to Mr Simpson's book were awarded to Mr Goldman's family to help cover the judgement.

Mr Simpson entered the court at around 08:25 local time [15:25 GMT] and had the charges read to him by the judge and asked if he understood them. Bail was set at $125,000 and a condition that his passport be surrendered and that he should not contact any persons involved in the case. He is set to come before the court again on the 22nd October. In the meantime a media circus will continue to follow every move of O.J Simpson.

In another high profile trial the jury has been unable to reach a verdict on murder charges filed against Phil Spector [CNN].

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