Friday, September 07, 2007

Police quiz McCanns but no charges made

Gerry McCann arrives at the police station on Friday afternoon

After a further 3 hours of questioning today, Kate McCann, mother of missing Madeleine McCann, has been made an official suspect but has not as yet been charged with any offence [BBC]. Sources close to the family have indicated she may be charged with the accidental death of her daughter who has disappeared 127 days ago [Sky News]. Gerry McCann, Kate’s husband has described allegations made against his wife as “ludicrous”. He too is expected to undergo intense questioning by Portuguese authorities after arriving at the police station in Portimao shortly before 17:00 local time. The rest of the family have expressed their shock over recent developments in the investigation. There have been reports that blood was found in the boot of the car hired by the McCanns three weeks after the girl’s disappearance. However, information coming out has only been conveyed by members of the McCann family, their lawyers and spokesmen. Police have not made official statements. Meanwhile both the BBC and Sky News continue to bring saturation coverage to this long running story.

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