Thursday, July 19, 2007

tvnewswatch in France

As tvnewswatch is currently in France, news is a little difficult to
receive. BBC World Service is virtually unreceivable on the west coast
though in Normandy both the BBC and CRI (Chinese Radio International)
were partially receivable on medium wave. In St Gille Croix de Vie a
copy of the Times was available at a cost of €3.25, but was in fact
the previous day's newspaper. Nonethe less it provided a much desired
summery of recent events. The main headline was that Hamas is likely
to be isolated by the US whilst at the same time launching "a fresh
effort to kick-start the Middle East peace process". Japan also hit
the front page after a 6.8 quake hit the north east of the country.
Over 500 were injured and 20,000 homes left without electricity after
the Kashiwazaki nuclear power plant was damaged. The Kashiwazaki plant
leaked a small amount of radioactive waste into the sea. Iraq
continues to dominate the news with several bombings on Monday. One in
Kirkuk killed at least 80 in triple suicide attack. Finally, Lin Bao,
who died 36 years ago in a plane crash whilst trying to escape from
China, has been 'rehabilitated', according to Xinhua News Agency. The
former head of the military had been accused of plotting against Mao

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