Monday, July 30, 2007

Brown & Bush united in War on Terror

Both leaders insisted a 'special relationship' still exists

Gordon Brown today made his first address to the American public during his first visit to the US as Prime Minister.
“I would describe Gordon Brown as someone I can do business with,” President Bush said in summarizing his feelings towards the new PM. He said shared visions were “all important”. And he referred to the defence of freedom and the ideological struggle against terrorism. He said that success in Iraq and Afghanistan was important to stop the spread of terrorist with dark ideologies. He said they had talked at length about world poverty and said that the new relationship would be a constructive one. Gordon Brown said the partnership was of shared values. Nuclear proliferation, climate change and terrorism were all problems that the two countries faced. Security and reconciliation was important in helping Iraq develop into a stable country the Prime Minister stated. He said Afghanistan was “the front line on terrorism”.

With regards Iran, and its ignoring calls to stop its nuclear enrichment, he urged for further sanctions against the country. He also called for greater efforts in stopping the crisis in Darfur. He said that efforts would also be made to curb climate change.

Back to Iraq, and Gordon Brown said he was pleased with the way in which Iraq was building up its own security. But following a question from the BBC correspondent, both the Prime Minister and the President said it was important that the two allies do not withdraw before the situation was stable.
“This Prime Minister got a taste of what these people will do” President Bush said, referring to the recent attack in Glasgow and attempted car bomb attacks in London; “He handled it well.”

“We’re in a generation-long battle” the Prime Minister said, “and we are at one with that battle.” The President echoed the strong ties existing between the UK and the US. Besides trade, security and common interests throughout the world, he said “We think of the same values of freedom and justice”. As regards as to how he felt personally towards the new PM, George Bush said he thought Gordon was a “humorous Scotsman” as opposed to the dowdy man portrayed in the media.

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