Saturday, June 30, 2007

'Terrorist attack' at Glasgow Airport

A car has been driven into Glasgow Airport’s terminal building in what appears to be a terrorist attack. Witnesses described two persons having exited the vehicle before it exploded at least one of them engulfed in flames. One witness said the men appeared to be Asian and one was on fire, his skin peeling. Members of the public intervened to detain the men some being injured in the mêlée. According to Sky News sources Police are treating the incident as a terrorist attack. The incident comes a day after two car bombs were found in London, one in the Haymarket and one in Park Lane. Both of those devices were made safe by police. COBRA, the government security panel, will meet this evening to discuss the series of events. Meanwhile the White House has said security will be boosted at US airports.
The area remains sealed off both from the press as well as members of the public. The vehicle, which is still embedded in the building, has been described as a Jeep Cherokee. However it is not known at this time whether the fire resulting from the explosion has been extinguished [BBC / CNN / Sky News].

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