Friday, June 29, 2007

London - Car bomb fails to explode

The green Mercedes parked in Haymarket, W1

A potentially devastating terrorist attack, possibly targeting a night club in London, has failed. A car laden with gas cylinders, 60 litres of fuel and nails failed to explode outside the Tiger Tiger night club in Haymarket near to Piccadilly Circus in West London in the early hours of Friday morning. The new Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, has said it clearly showed the “sustained and serious threat” that Britain faces. The failed terror attack, which police say could have taken a substantial number of lives, comes within hours of Gordon Brown forming his new government after Tony Blair’s departure. And this morning he convened COBRA to discuss the government response at 77 Whitehall which was also attended by police and security personnel. The new Prime Minister then held a marathon cabinet session of nearly 90 minutes
Deputy Asst. Commissioner Peter Clarke told reporters earlier that the police were alerted to the Mercedes vehicle by an ambulance crew who had notice smoke coming from it. Explosives officers disarmed a potential way of detonating the device and DAC Peter Clarke praised officers for their bravery in disarming the device and preventing loss of life.
The Brown government has been handed a terror crisis in less than 24 hours after forming his cabinet. Police have significant work to do as they sift through evidence left in the vehicle and look through hours of CCTV footage. A man hunt is also underway after reports that a man had absconded from the green Mercedes.

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