Monday, December 04, 2006

UK media coverage shifts from spy saga

Much of the media coverage of the continuing spy saga dissipated over the weekend. Other stories that dominated headlines was the new police investigation into the death of Stuart Lubbock who was found dead in Michael Barrymore’s pool. Sunday’s News of the World alleged that the man had died following a violent homosexual assault and that the drowning had been staged. It is also alleged that the original police investigation was ‘bungled’ and that at least one of the witnesses had lied at the inquest into the man’s death. Stuart Lubbock was found ‘drowned’ by police and paramedics after a ‘drink and drugs party’ at Barrymore’s mansion in Essex on the 31st March 2001. The star had fled the house before the arrival of the authorities but has always denied any involvement in Stuart Lubbock’s death.
The headlines on Sunday evening moved to a fire in East Sussex in southern England where a fire killed two firefighters. At around 14:00 GMT a fireworks warehouse went up in flames and within hours Sky News were providing saturation coverage of the incident with Exclusive pictures. A 200 metre exclusion zone was established as huge explosions rocked the area near Ringmer a few miles from Lewes. As well as the death of the two firefighters, at least 12 other people were injured including a police sergeant, nine firefighters and two members of the public. [BBC / Sky News]

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