Sunday, October 02, 2005

Weather - 'Dragon King' hits China

Typhoon Longwang, which means Dragon King, hit Taiwan Saturday. But few deaths and only a handful of injuries have been reported. At least 10,000 people have lost their electricity supply according to CNN, but most of the 23 M population were well prepared for the now weakening typhoon which caused only moderate damage. Transport was heavily disrupted, however, and a 5.4 earthquake in the region was also a cause of concern. The category 1 storm is now hitting the southern coast of China, bringing with it heavy rain. Three people have been reported dead and at least one missing. Up to 200,000 people have been evacuated from Fujian province [Xinhua News]. Meanwhile Texas and Louisiana continue to pick up the pieces after the two major hurricanes that have hit the area. There are three more names on the ‘list’ before they are called by Greek letters in what has been a very active season. Storms are also hitting Mexico and several deaths have been reported as a result of hurricane Otis. And in El Salvador a volcano erupted causing panic but no significant injuries.
[22:28 GMT 02/10/2005]

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