Saturday, October 08, 2005

Pakistan - 7.6 quake kills hundreds

Pakistan today suffered a major earthquake with tremors measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale. The USGS reported the quake, which hit at 08:50 local time [03:50 UTC/GMT], as being some 88 km NNE of Islamabad [34.43N 73.54E] near the border with India. The damage is reported over a wide area and the loss of life is likely to be substantial. The BBC reported a casualty figure of 172. But hundreds are feared dead and rescue efforts are beginning to swing into action. Many areas hit by the quake are in remote parts of the country which will make rescue efforts difficult and slow. There have been at least 4 aftershocks, each of which measured 5.6. An earthquake also hit Mexico on Friday. The 5.8 quake occurred at 11:43 local time [17:53 UTC/GMT] off the Pacific coast near El Salvador. It follows recent seismic activity in the area which has also seen volcanic eruptions, mud slides, and heavy rain with the arrival of Tropical Storm Stan. The death toll in the region from the storms has reached 256 according to the BBC.
[11:32 GMT 08/10/2005]

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