Friday, June 03, 2005

Jackson - The jury is sent to deliberate

It’s all up to the jury as the closing arguments by the prosecution and defence in the Michael Jackson trial come to a conclusion. Judge Rodney Melville gave his final directions to the jury late Friday afternoon in the Santa Maria courtroom. The jury left the room at 12:20 [local time]. It can only be speculated as to how long the jury will take to arrive at their verdict. Until then Jackson must remain in the town of Santa Maria. Tom Sneddon left the court smiling. Jackson left the court looking gaunt. Beside him his mother and father and followed by his defence team. Looking extremely sombre he walked to his waiting car leaving with barely a wave to the large group of fans who have camped at the front of court throughout this trial.

[19:45 GMT / 12:45 PDT - Friday 03/06/2005]

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