Monday, June 13, 2005

China - Floods, fires & a French Spiderman

China is still suffering the worst floods in years with as many as 200 killed in the northern province of Heilongjiang. Many of those killed were children who died when flood water and debris swept through their school on Friday. China has seen devastating flooding in the southern regions in recent weeks causing over 200 deaths there. Also in the southern province of Guangdong, around 30 people have died in the latest of a serious of fires in hotels. Safety inspectors are stepping up their inspections throughout the country, Xinhua News Agency reports. And on a lighter note Alain Robert, a Frenchman, was met by fireman and police Saturday after he climbed to the top of Hong Kong’s tallest building, The Cheung Hong Centre. Dressed as Spiderman, he completed the climb of the 283m tall building in little under an hour. Robert was not arrested, however, and merely escorted from the premises. Alain Robert has climbed some of the most challenging skyscrapers and landmarks throughout the world. They include the Eiffel Tower [Paris], the Empire State Building [NYC], The World Trade Ctre. [NYC], and The Petronas Towers [Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia].
[18:39 GMT 13/06/02005]

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