Friday, September 12, 2014

Former DUP leader Ian Paisley dies age 88

Ian Paisley the former leader of the Democratic Unionist Party, blamed by nationalists for stirring up trouble in Northern Ireland and by others for helping cement the peace process, has died aged 88.

The son of a Baptist minister he was a protester, preacher and peacemaker and particularly marked by his firebrand style of his speeches.

When he stepped down as first minister of the DUP he said it was of his own choosing but later said his successor Peter Robinson and others in the DUP forced him out.

Whilst he divided opinion, his parting will leave a hole in Northern Ireland's political landscape. In fact, despite the turbulent relationship Paisley had with his rivals in Sinn Féin, Martin McGuinness tweeted that he had lost a "friend".

"Very sad to learn that Ian Paisley has died, McGuinness posted on the social network. "My deepest sympathy to his wife Eileen & family. Once political opponents - I have lost a friend."

Reports: Sky News / BBC / BBC - Obituary / Ch4 News

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