Saturday, April 27, 2013

Yunnan fire kills one, leaves dozens homeless

A fire in the provincial city of Kaiyuan in Yunnan province, China has left at least 1 dead and many people homeless.

The fire started in the kitchen of a local snack bar on the second floor of a building complex in Dongfeng Road at around 11 pm [Friday 26th April]. According to locals the fire started after a deep fat fryer was left unattended and burst into flames. Within minutes the building of several storeys was well alight.

Eleven fire engines and seventeen firefighters attended the scene and rescued 14 people. A further 60 were evacuated from adjacent buildings.

One local shop owner said that firefighters had difficulty tackling the blaze due to water shortages. Yunnan is currently suffering from a deep drought that has affected much of China's south-west.

There were rumours circulating amongst some local residents that more than one individual had died, though police at the scene would only say that one woman had perished in the inferno. Meanwhile the cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Local reports: Society.Yunnan / Xinhuanet (Yunnan) / Gas Show  [Chinese]

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