Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Safety fears after Beijing crane collapse

Pedestrians and drivers had a lucky escape after a large mobile crane overturned at around 06:40 Tuesday morning in Beijing. The accident occurred in Zhushikou West Street near the former China Post building, around a kilometre south of Tiananmen Square.

The ten-metre-tall crane was lifting steel girders when it collapsed throwing the metal construction materials onto the pavement. Fortunately no pedestrians were walking nearby at the time. There were no reports of casualties in the accident which created some traffic congestion in the area as drivers slowed to look at the scene. The crane operator, a 20 year old male, was said to be shocked but otherwise uninjured [Beijing Evening News].

Health & safety has been under scrutiny in recent weeks following the death of a 13 year old boy who was amongst dozens involved in an escalator accident at a Beijing subway earlier this month [Xinhua / China Daily]. 

Authorities have ordered a safety inspection on all escalators across China following that incident [Xinhua / China Daily]. There has been some concern that regulations have been overlooked with the demand to increase the pace of construction. An accident on the 14th July saw 8 workmen injured and two others killed when part of a tunnel collapsed on the new subway line M15 construction site [Xinhua].

tvnewswatch, Beijing, China

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