Saturday, June 26, 2010

'UFOs spotted over east London'

Of course, they may have just been Chinese lanterns, often seen during lantern festival in China throughout February. But the sight of very bright lights drifting silently towards London in Britain had people stop and stare with puzzlement. At around midnight UK time on Friday 3 bright lights in formation could be seen heading on a bearing of 240° toward London from the east. 

The lights glowed a strong orange and no sound emanated. Witnesses stood around a gasp and out came the camera phones. "They're not helicopters or planes, they're making no sound," one person said. Moments after the first wave of three passed by, two more lights silently floated to the west. Then a single extremely bright light, heading in the same direction passed overhead. A car stopped, the occupants yelling out, "What is it?" The answer, unknown. It may have been aliens, but the most likely explanation is candle-lit Chinese lanterns. Though why someone would launch such things at midnight on the 25th of June is a puzzle in itself!

tvnewswatch, London, UK

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