Tuesday, January 12, 2010

China's hackers seek revenge for Baidu attack

A few hours after Baidu was attacked by a group calling itself the Iranian Cyber Army, Chinese hackers appear to have have sought revenge. At least two Iranian websites have been hacked in the last few hours. Alongside a Chinese flag, a messsage posted on room98.ir said, "chinese honker team[H.U.C]... I'm very sorry for this Testing!... Because of this morning your Iranian Cyber Army... Maybe you haven't konw this thing!,... This morning your Iranian Cyber Army intrusion our baidu.com... So i'm very unfortunate for you ... Please tell your so-called Iranian Cyber Army... Don't intrusion chinese website about The United States authorities to intervene the internal affairs of Iran's response... This is a warning! ... ¨'©l¨Khack by toutian... from... Honker Union For China."

Baidu has mostly recovered from the DNS attack that crippled the search engine Tuesday morning. Some users around the world were reporting problems into the afternoon. Meanwhile the Taiwan version of Baidu remains offline with a message posted in Chinese [台灣百度公告, 台灣百度日前遭受有心人士破壞,導致主機系統癱瘓。為有更好服務與品質,目前正在搶救資料訊息,請網友靜待佳音。台灣百度非營利網站,請有心人士切勿以私心破壞大眾網友利益為重] which reads, "Taiwan Baidu Notice, Taiwan Baidu has suffered damage, leading to paralysis of the host system. Attempts are being made to restore service and we ask netizens to be patient. Taiwan Baidu is a non-profit site, interested parties should not undermine the public users' interests for the sake of self interest." It is unclear who was responsible for this attack." It is unclear whether ths is a result of the earlier attack believed initiated by the Iranian Cyber Army.

tvnewswatch, Beijing, China

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