Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beijing - 'no fatalities' in high winds

Sunday's high wind brought down more than just a few trees and a KFC sign in Wangfujing, but according to China News there were no fatalities as was previously speculated. The website said that a warning of high winds was given by Beijing's Municipal Meteorological Observatory midday Sunday and strong gusts were whipping through the city throughout the afternoon. In Wangfujing a sign crashed to the ground injuring three people according to the website.

However despite the weight and size of the sign no-one was killed. A KFC spokesperson said "one woman received a head injury, but a CT scan showed no brain injuries." The incident happened at around 16:30 local time in the popular shopping precinct well known to tourists for stalls selling fried locusts, scorpions and other delicacies.

To the north of the city winds also brought down roadside billboards at the Bird's Nest Northwest Plaza. An elderly person and a graduate student were injured and were taken to the nearby Ching Hospital, where they regained consciousness. No other incidents were reported by Chinese media, and the news was only reported on Chinese language sites. China News in Chinese

tvnewswatch, Beijing, China

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