Sunday, March 22, 2009

Reality TV star Jade Goody dies

Jade Goody pictured last October

The reality television star Jade Goody has died at her Essex home after a long battle with cancer. The 27 year old who came to fame after appearing on Big Brother, a reality TV show on Channel 4, passed away at 03:55 according to her mother Jakkiey Budden who spoke to reporters early this morning. Jade courted much controversy especially after she made disparaging and perceived racist comments toward Shilpa Shetty, an Indian actress who appeared alongside her in Big Brother. She also revelled in the publicity surrounding her and refused to push the press away even as she became critically ill. The media circus will continue to follow the story until Jade is buried. Her funeral will be held near to he family home. It remains to be seen whether Jack Tweed, her newly wed husband will be able to attend. He is due to be sentenced for assault this week, the second such offence for which he’s been convicted. Last year he was jailed for assault a teenager with a golf club and is currently out on licence. Jade Goody departure leaves him a widower and her two young sons without a mother [BBC / Sky News].

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