Thursday, February 19, 2009

'Terrorist' awarded 2,500 pounds

Terror suspect and radical cleric Abu Qatada has been awarded £2,500 by the European Court of Human Rights. The judgement comes after the court ruled his detention without trial in Britain had breached his human rights. On Wednesday this week Law Lords in Britain ruled that Abu Qatada could be deported to Jordan to face trial. His lawyers have already submitted an appeal against the decision to the European Court saying he might face torture if extradited.

Several other terror suspects were also awarded payouts by the European Court. Rideh, a Palestinian refugee who was detained in December 2001, accused of having links to radical preacher Abu Hamza, and Djamal Ajouaou, a Moroccan national, accused of being connected to two other terror suspects, are amongst ten others awarded between £1,500 and £3,400. The Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling said the payouts would "horrify most reasonable people in the UK". The Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said she was “disappointed” by the decision [BBC / Sky News]

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