Friday, January 16, 2009

Departing Bush defends War on Terror

President Bush has made his last speech as Commander in Chief. In his 17 minute address he said he had helped keep America safe. “There has not been a terror attack on US soil in seven years” he said. The outgoing leader made a tribute to the men and women in the US military and their fight in the War on Terror. He said America was leading the world “towards a new age where freedom belongs to all nations”.

The toll would be far worse if we had not acted and he insisted America would return to a position of strong economic growth. The decades ahead will bring more hard choices.
With regards the war on terror, Bush said America did nothing to seek a war and added that it was important to “reject isolationism” and to defend the United States from those that wanted to harm the country.

“We will never tire, never falter, never fail” he said.

In departing, he thanked the American people and paid tribute to President-Elect Barak Obama. “Goodnight, God bless this house and our next president” he said before leaving the stage [BBC / CNN / White House].

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