Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Police foil Obama assassination plot

Nathan Johnson told police they didn't want a black president

Police in Denver may have thwarted a plot to assassinate Senator Barack Obama according to media reports. Sky News showed pictures of one suspect who claimed that he and two others were intending to kill the presidential candidate. However, besides finding a rifle and a bullet proof jacket in a car belonging to one of three arrested suspects police say the plot was “not credible” and described the men as “knuckleheads”.

Garin Thartrell, 28, was arrested after a routine traffic stop reveal a stash of drugs and weapons. Detective Marcus Dudley, of Aurora Police Department, told reporters, "The sergeant discovered inside his truck a bullet-proof vest, two rifles, ammunition, walkie-talkies and drugs". Police later arrested Nathan Johnson, 32, in Aurora, and Shawn Robert Adolf, 33, at an Aurora hotel. Sky’s Adam Boulton said police were still trying to determine the credibility of the threat but said it appeared the men were a “fairly ramshackle bunch of redneck supremacists".

CBS News reported the story late last night [Monday] but many American viewers only woke up to the news today. The incident, credible or not, will unnerve security officials as the Democrat Convention gets underway [BBC].

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